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Angels Lose Fifth Straight

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Terrible Game, fans, terrrrrrrible game....

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To the Astros? THE ASTROS?!?!?! Yes. The Angels lost to the Astros. And it was not a close loss. It was a finished-by -the-third-inning loss. The Angels were down 5-0 ot the Astros.

Apologies to John Lennon... I'm just sittin' here watching the season go down the drain, I really hate to see it go, so bummed I'm on the season ticket merry-go-round, I'd really love to see them go.

Did you see how it ended? Josh Hamilton rounding third on a foul popup by Mark Trumbo doubled off FIRST BASE? Caught sleepwalking, a popular Angels player past time. And it is almost past time to care.

I rarely, rarely rarely leave a major league game early but we left in the top of the sixth inning. This is as lifeless as I have seen the team ever. EVER. I felt a tinge of bad fan guilt leaving when we did, but we were not alone - there were cars streaming out of the stadium parking lot before the middle of the sixth inning. That is fans not eating, not drinking, not buying jerseys, shirts, caps and stuff. We got home in the bottom of the eighth inning in time to see a play that sums up the Angels season so far: a base hit to center is turned into a double when the pansy throw to 2B by Peter Bourjos bounces past Howie Kendrick who cannot be bothered to field the damn thing. Meanwhile the Houston batter is auditioning to stay in the big leagues, he goes for two. Standing up.

In the darkest hours of the Angels franchise in the early nineties, the players played harder, sharper and more aggressively than these alleged superstars. They at least played to be noticed by a scout somewhere who might rescue them from the baseball limbo that was Anaheim.

The players are sleepwalking. The pitching sucks and the manager is flipping one page at a time backwards...

Genius Mike Scioscia needs to prove his insipid theories of Catchers influencing pitchers so he has Hank Conger catch the worst starting pitcher on the staff, therefore giving Conger terrible numbers in the fairytale CERA (Catcher's Earned Run Average) stat. Conger has never caught Hanson so he also makes Jerry Dipoto's pitching pickup, Tommy Hanson, look terrible so he at least tries to take down the GM with his own sinking ship... and it is a ship that is sinking fast.

Mike Scioscia is not getting through to this team - there is now way a Mike Scioscia team does the things the way this team does, ignoring the little details, unsharp on routine defense, lapse after lapse. Where is the small ball? No Angel got to second base during this game? If he cannot get thru to this team and is not coaching in a winning manner... what good is he? He is all legacy, no reality.

On the postgame show, Scioscia told FSNWEST that the pitching was to blame. The starting pitching as to blame because when you get behind early the hitters give up. He said it with certainty and reiterated it when given the chance. This is delusional logic beyond all delusional logic, along with a little passing the buck to Jerry Dipoto putting this starting staff together.

If Jose Mota can mix metaphors and say "When it snowballs like this it rains it pours" then so can I: The Sleepwalking ship is sinking fast.