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Is a Peter Bourjos Trade Angels Only Way Forward?

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The clock is ticking on the 2013 season for the Angels. What move is there to be made?


With Mike Trout starting in Centerfield tonight and the Angels season in utter disarray, a benched Peter Bourjos may be the way forward for a struggling underachieving bunch.

Bourjos is the type of player that could land a good starting pitcher - a serviceable starting arm being what the Angels could use and therefore a good one being an upgrade from what is needed.

The Angels called up lefty starter Michael Roth from AA this afternoon as they put Kevin Jepsen on the disabled list and recalled outfielder J.B. Shuck from AAA in place of the aching Erick Aybar. Shuck was immediately penciled into Saturday's starting lineup, begging the question of why Bourjos would sit ...and the answer could be "so he doesn't get hurt because tomorrow he will be packing a suitcase instead of suiting up."

In addition to a possible Bourjos deal this could be an audition of Roth for a trade. Despite pitching only 27 innings in the minor leagues - seriously, 22 innings in Orem for the Owlz last summer and five innings in Arkansas this year, Roth was a standout at South Carolina, taking the Game Cocks to the college world series in his first season as a starter after converting from relief. Note that the Angels skipped him TWO levels form Rookie, over Low A and High A to AA this year and after five innings are bringing him to the fourth A, AKA The Big A.

He might be the best young pitching prospect the Angels have. The Angels called up Jean Segura last year, played him in one game and then traded him for Zack Greinke, this could be Roth's leap to the bigs. Whether he stays in an Angels uniform or not remains to be seen. There is no doubt that there are standing offers for Bourjos. The question now is where do the Angels stand?