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Light That Baby Up, 5-4 Win!

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The Angels faced the Astros in another game that resulted in a... WIN! The youngsters from Houston were on track to hand Anaheim their sixth loss in a row but Albert said NO!

WALK OFF ! ! !
WALK OFF ! ! !

It all seemed to be going fine in the beginning, at least on the pitching front. Garrett Richards pitched through the Houston Astros lineup without giving up a hit. But then, he walked Jose Altuve. It would seem fine. Just one walk; however, two outs later, Chris Carter came up to the plate and launched a home run over Mike Trout in center field. Still, it was just two runs. Yet, there was a sense of struggle that was felt. The Halos have been having trouble getting the engine to start up.

That engine finally revved up just a little bit when Josh Hamilton hit a home run of his own in the bottom of the sixth inning. With the score being 2-1, the push would have to be now. But that push never came (and it would come later). In the seventh inning, the Astros added two more runs via a Matt Dominguez single and a Marwin Gonzalez sacrifice bunt.

Finally, in the eighth inning, there was a rally. Albert Pujols hit a single and Mark Trumbo later hit a double to put men on second and third with one out. Howie Kendrick then came up and hit a sacrifice fly ball. After that, Chris Iannetta (one of the Angels pulling his weight) put himself into a double play which scored another run. The score was 4-3 entering the bottom of the ninth.

The ninth inning started with Hank Conger pinch hitting for Andrew Romine and struck out. Newcomer Luis Jimenez followed-up with a walk which allowed J.B. Shuck to come to the diamond. Shuck flew out. With two outs, Mike Trout delivered a single. Finally, Albert Pujols came up to the plate -- two outs, men on base. How did he fare? A walk-off double! Angels win! As Victor Rojas would say, LIGHT THAT BABY UP!

Reaction, anyone?