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Week 2 Pregame Picks Results

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Week 2 Top Scorer: rmhalofan (2nd win)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (2 Week Streak)


Week 2 was definitely a forgettable week. As they say, turn the page and hope Saturday's game kick starts some wins.

In any case, rmhalofan was able to top all players and grab the crown for Week 2 with 7 points. Christie2002 and franchiz were close by getting 6 points, but close only counts in horseshoes and nuclear warfare!

Overall, rmhalofan was able to separate himself from drtrix (who falls to 3rd overall) and grab the overall leader spot for himself. Figgi4life sneaks his way into 2nd place, trailing by 3 points.

Full Weekly Results are here.
Full Overall Results are here.

Correction: Game 7 had an issue with the roll call. The changes as a result tizzidy19: -1, Turks Teeth:+2.
Some more people's games played (GP) count have increased/decreased, but no other score changes

Please note these results do NOT include the results to Sunday's game.