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All About Angels Pitcher Michael Roth

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The Angels have a new reliever!

Lisa Blumenfeld

A year ago today, Michael Roth was pitching for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. Saturday night he was the inning pitcher in relief for a major league baseball team. He is the second player picked in the 2012 draft to make the big leagues, behind second rounder Paco Rodriguez of the Dodgers. Roth was taken in the ninth round, the 297th pick of the the June 5, 2012 draft as reported by BLAST21DAVE here (LINK) on Halos Heaven.

In the comments from that thread you will find an in-house Michael Roth fan in WUMBUG who linked to coverage of Roth on the SBN U of South Carolina blog Garnet & Black Attack AT THIS LINK.

Five days later WUMBUG finds a report on Roth that states that he might be the greatest postseason pitcher in NCAA history - LINK TO FANSHOT.

And just a few days later he makes the case that there was no hyperbole there (LINK).

He then signed with the Angels on the Fourth of July (LINK).

In Orem last season he struck out 21 batters in 22 innings but allowed 23 hits and 13 Runs in 9 Games Started and two relief appearances. This year he started one game for the AA Travs, pitching five innings. Boom, he gets called up to the Angels, pitches two shut out innings, becomes the first reliever ever to strike out four batters in an Angels debut (of two innings or less) and then picks up the win after Albert Pujols hits a walk-off double.

This started ten months and nine days ago. Boom, W.

Michael Roth is older than Mike Trout, having been born on February 15, 1990 in Greer, South Carolina. He pitched his 28th and 29th innings of professional baseball on Saturday night in Anaheim.