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Angels Freeze Up In Minnesota

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Early Homers Give Way to Douple Plays and Lousy Pitching.

Hannah Foslien

The Angels played in 38 degree weather in Minnesota against the Twins on Monday and their bats looked were a little colder. On a night the ball was carrying, the Halos hacked into two double plays in innings where hits abounded, just not with men on base.

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Peter Bourjos led off the game with solo homer and Brendan Harris hit one in the third inning, his first since 2009. Twins starter Kevin Correia gave the Angels many opportunities but double plays by Bourjos and Howie Kendrick along with Bourjos botching a hit and run that shows up in the box score as the first Caught Stealing of the major league career of Luis Jimez took the wind out of the team's sails.

Oh... and the pitching stunk. Even with seven of their nine hits going to waste, the Angels lost 8-2 because Joe Blanton gave up four runs, and Mark Lowe gave up three in relief. Blanton is 0-3 as an Angels starter with an 8.59 ERA and has surrendered 6 home runs. Jo-Bla is signed for next season too so gosh golly gee are we happy yet?


The Angels are 4-9 and have two more games in near freezing temperatures at Target Field.


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