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Angels Stink More Today Than Yesterday in Loss to Twins

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...but not as much as tomorrow?

Hannah Foslien


A gimpy Albert Pujols, representing the tying run, could not beat out a sharp grounder to 3B in the top of the ninth inning off of Twins reliever Glen Perkins and a rally fell short in the 8-6 Twins victory over the now not so suddenly 4-10 Angels.

The Angels traded slugger Kendrys Morales to the Mariners for pitcher Jason Vargas. Somewhere on the Vargas jersey it must read: No Deposit, No Return. The supposed innings-eater did not make it thru the fourth inning, throwing almost 90 pitches and allowing five earned runs from the suddenly virile Twins offense.

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While the Angels offense hung tight and kept the game at 4-4, it was comedic on how many scoring opportunities were blown - the Angels plating two runs on single and two more on fielders choice outs - Peter Bourjos drove in a run with the bases loaded by grounding into what looked to be an inning ending double play that he turned into a FC by beating the throw to 1B. Yes that big, powerful, singling and fielders-choicing offense that was so awesome Jerry Dipoto could skimp on the starting pitching, remember that late offseason mantra?

Josh Hamilton was 0 for 4 with a GIDP and three left on base.

Meanwhile on fielding, Albert Pujols again stayed put as the designated hitter and Mark Trumbo could not handle a ball generously scored as a hit. Erstad and Teixeira and Kotchman woulda had it. The pitching was lousy with Vargas giving up those five and a burned out bullpen made it worse as Jerome Williams allowed three more over his 3.1 innings.

Did you read this far? This team stinks. No way around it. To paraphrase the old pop song wisdom... they stink more today than yesterday.. but not as much as tomorrow...