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What's More Likely; Angels Win World Series or Mike Scioscia Gets Fired?

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Bovada has the odds of which event is more likely to occur.

Hagen Hopkins

Every so often I receive an email from a media group with the betting odds for baseball. This afternoon I received one that included the odds for which manager will get canned first...and guess who was on the list:

Who will be the first manager to be fired?

Charlie Manuel - 4/1
Bud Black - 9/2
Ron Gardenhire - 5/1
Ron Roenicke - 7/1
Joe Girardi - 15/2
Eric Wedge - 8/1
Ned Yost - 9/1
Terry Collins - 10/1
Clint Hurdle - 10/1
Mike Scioscia - 12/1
John Gibbons - 20/1

That's the first time I've seen the Angels skipper on the list, but what I thought was even more interesting was the Angels odds of winning the World Series:

Odds to win the 2013 World Series

Detroit Tigers - 7/1
Atlanta Braves - 15/2
Washington Nationals - 8/1
Los Angeles Dodgers - 10/1
Los Angeles Angels - 12/1
San Francisco Giants - 12/1
Toronto Blue Jays - 12/1
Cincinnati Reds - 14/1
Texas Rangers - 14/1
Oakland Athletics - 16/1

Yeah, it's the same as the odds of Scioscia losing his job. In other words, it's even money as to which happens; The Angels winning the World Series or Mike Scioscia being the first manager to lose his job!

For complete odds, visit Bovada