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Alberto Callaspo to DL, Angels Call Up Michael Kohn

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Looks like the Angels like the look of Lucho!


After experiencing sore calves a week ago, Angels 3B Alberto Callaspo was finally put on the fifteen-day disabled list retroactive to last Sunday. Relief pitcher Michael Kohn was promoted to the big club from AAA.

Despite early career hype from Halowood and beyond, Kohn is basically a mediocre relief pitcher. Do not draft him for your fantasy team if your league is 1,200 players deep. But the Angels pen is gassed. It's a gas in Anaheim, but the wrong kind. If Kohn makes it into a pressure situation, it may be time to walk the dog rather than suffer. Unless you are a fan of the team the Angels are playing. In that case, savor the moment of your team's scrubs destroying "big league pitching".

The move of Callaspo bodes well for rookie Luis Jimenez, in the lineup tonight and playing 3B. Lucho's defense and bat have both been exemplary in an early season where anything in an Angels uniform that glitters looks like gold.