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Mike Trout Grand Slam Paces Angels Over Tigers

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First inning salami makes for a tasty afternoon!

Victor Decolongon

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 10, Tigers 0


The Angels had a nine-run first inning capped by a Mike Trout grand slam and easily cruised to a shutout of the Tigers in Anaheim.

The last time Eric Karros broadcast a grand slam hit by a Halo in an Angels afternoon game on Fox it was the tragic Kendrys Morales walk off ankle-crusher so it was with great relish that Mike Trout's second hit of the first inning was a grand slam to put the game out of reach and out of the Kursed Klutches of Karros.

Starter Garrett Richards was then on cruise control and nary a pitch or minute was wasted in a celebratory atmosphere at the stadium where the notion of shutting out the vaunted Tigers offense was an illusory anti-shibboleth.

Suddenly the theme from the fans of Anaheim is HIRE Mike Scioscia!

Speaking of Mikes, Michael Roth and Michael Kohn combined with Richards for that very shutout, each pitching an inning of relief. Richards struck out eight Tigers and allowed only two hits in seven innings pitched. Roth & Kohn (Vat is this a law foim or relief pitching?!?!) each struck out a batter to make it ten Ks out of 32 Detroit batters who came to the plate.

Trout was the star on offense but the whole club got into the act to chase starter Rick Porcello in the first inning. The once-vaunted prospect had an historically bad day on the mound, allowing nine earned runs in two-thirds of an inning pitched. It was kind of funny when you think about it.

At 6-10, the Angels have a chance to best their 6-14 start from last season and aim toward righting the ship that has started he 2013 season way off course.