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Week 3 Pregame Picks Results

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Week 3 Leaders: ladybug (1st), MiHaloFan (1st), max peter (1st)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (3 week streak)


A game short due to the rained out game, so there's only 5 games this week... but hey we still have some crowns to give out. The top spot for Week 3 was shared by 3 people, each getting the crown for the first time this season.

ladybug, MiHaloFan, max peter each scored 10 points! All were able to hit big on the player-picks game, and the first two got a boost from a blackjack, while max peter was able to rack points up by scoring in all games this week!

Full results can be found here.

Overall, rmhalofan continues his reign over the HH players. The lead stands at 3 over Figgi4life, and 3rd place is now held by ladybug who is only 4 points behind. Ant Fan has lifted himself up to 4th place with a 7 point gap from first.

Full results can be found here.

Here's hoping to a better week! Keep the guesses a comin'!