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Curse of Pierzynski Haunts Angels in Blown Game

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The most hated active player among Angels fans rubs our noses in it.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

FInal Score in Anaheim: Rangers 7, Angels 6


The Angels bullpen melted down after an exciting comeback had revealed Angels bats coming to life. Luis Jimenez drove in his first major league runs to cap a three-run sixth but with a chance at what would turn out to be much needed insurance, Mike Trout stranded Jimenez and Peter Bourjos. Trout and Albert Pujols were hitless in the game and each stranded three runners.

Howie Kendrick and Chris Iannetta had two ribbies apiece and Josh Hamilton was 4 for 4 with two runs scored against his old club and their bandwagon, wife-threatening spite-filled football-preferrin' fans. His four hits were not of the "studly" variety but we'll take them.

Old foe A.J. Pierzynski got the seventh inning rally raging with an RBI single to make the Angels lead 6-4. With the score tied in the ninth he hit a solo home run off of Ernesto Frieri to put the Rangers ahead for good.

The seventh inning meltdown could be put squarely on Manager Mike Scioscia although starting the inning with Joe Blanton after the Angels had established a three run lead is totally justifiable considering how gassed the Angels bullpen is. Taking him out was a good move as well. Bringing in Michael Roth was a good move but after he gave up a doinker single past 2B taking him out seemed a bit much - and sure enough, Dane De La Rosa was terrible.

This is all so hard to write. The game was a punch to the gut after such a great weekend in Anaheim. The Angels are now 7-11 on the young season.