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All Things Angels

It was in his hands
It was in his hands
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: TUESDAY LINEUP has Hambone back at cleanup...
Peter Bourjos CF, Mike Trout LF, Albert Pujols DH, Josh Hamilton RF,
Mark Trumbo 1B, Howie Kendrick 2B, Chris Iannetta C, Brendan Harris SS, Lucho 3B

Also reserve infielder Tommy Field sent down to the minors, relief pitcher Nick Maronde recalled despite horrible numbers in AA Arkansas... yes double A ball. In seven innings pitched he has allowed eight hits, eight walks and five earned runs. Our relief is so bad that this is our relief's relief.

It is looking more and more like Jerome Williams will get a spot start against Yu Darvish and the Rangers on Wednesday night as scheduled starter Tommy Hanson takes a leave to go on the bereavement list. Talk about your pitching duel.

Erick Aybar is closer to returning. He is eligible to come off the disabled list for Thursday's game in Seattle. When he is activated, infielder Tommy Field will likely go back to the minors and Brendan Harris will assume the Figgy/Maicer supersub role.

Will Luis Jimenez or Andrew Romine will be headed back to Salt Lake when Alberto Callaspo returns from his cramped calves DL visit? Hmmmm.... In terms of the bigger picture it would behoove the club to find an everyday spot for Jimenez be it up here or down there. In terms of an exciting player on the field contributing, despite looking a little green at times Lucho adds a spark that Callaspo never seems to ignite with the Anaheim faithful. And now he will be returning to a lose/lose situation - every failure at the plate or in the field will be met with calls for a Lucho promotion and every good thing he does will be assumed to be at least as good as the kid would do.

One resolution looking forward: Callaspo has another year left on his contract and that lack of "rental" status might actually make him an attractive trade target in July. But for this to yield fruit, Callaspo must be playing everyday upon his return, first to prove that he is not chronically injured and second to produce results.

And as far as Scioscia's bullpen management last night, he basically put the game in the hands of Dane De La Rosa and hopefully learned not to do that again. What would be better tonight - a complete game loss by Jason Vargas that rests a tired and weary pen or a twelve-inning victory that sees every arm on board used in the battle? Think long-term here, folks, think long-term.