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Howie Kendrick Walk Off Home Run in Angels Lore

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Howie Kendrick hit the 102nd Walk Off Home Run in Angels history, read all about it.

WOHR #102
WOHR #102

Angels veteran Howie Kendrick told the reporters after the game that he had never done anything like it, when in fact he had... in May of 2010, he hit a walk off home run! Tuesday night's was his second. Here are some more facts about his big blast, it was...

The 102nd WOHR (Walk Off Home Run) in Angels history

The 95th ever hit at Angel Stadium /Edison Field/Anaheim Stadium

The 51st solo WOHR

The 54th extra-inning WOHR

The Texas/Senators-2 Franchise is now tied with the Minnesota Twins as the franchise that has allowed the most Angels WOHRs - twelve. Did you know that the original Washington Senators moved to Minnesota after the 1960 season and that baseball added the Angels and an expansion team in Washington DC also named the Senators in 1961? Well you do now. The Senators-2 moved to suburban Dallas after eleven seasons and changed their name to the Texas Rangers.

The second time two Angels WOHR were hit separated by one game - this also happened in June of 1968 when Rick Reichardt's blast against the Washington Senators (the franchise that became the Texas Rangers) on the 15th was followed two games later by Jim Fregosi hitting a blast off of the Yankees. Just like Mark Trumbo hitting a blast in a game only to be followed by a loss the next night before Howie hit one out to win it, there was an Angels loss on Juen 16. The Angels hit a third walk off home run on that homestand six days later, the most they ever hit on one homestand.

Will they tie that homestand WOHR record Wednesday night?

Angels batters have hit a WOHR in consecutive games three times (1975 against Milwaukee, 1986 against Detroit and 2010 against Seattle) - each against the same team, suggesting bad bullpens more than any other stat. Howie hit the second of those two against Seattle.

Howie Kendrick becomes the 23rd Angel to hit at least two WOHR wearing a Halo. The Angels with three or more were listed in Sunday's article on Trumbo's blast (LINK) as it was his fourth ever. Here are the Angels with 2 WOHR:

Bobby Abreu, Garret Anderson, Chili Davis, Darin Erstad, Bobby Grich, Vladimir Guerrero, Jack Howell, Jay Johnstone, Ruppert Jones, Wally Joyner, Howie Kendrick, Adam Kennedy, Lance Parrish and Leon Wagner