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Our Carpenter is No Savior; Angels Lose

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David Carpenter blows open a game that could have been cobbled together with proper bullpen management.

The ump got hit in the balls harder than any Angel hit a ball tonight
The ump got hit in the balls harder than any Angel hit a ball tonight


The score was tied 0-0 after three innings. Pretty much the monumental achievement of the night.

The box score will show that Angels spot starter, relief pitcher Michael Roth, got the LOSS, but what really happened was that Mike Scioscia wished too hard instead of managing the pitching.

Scioscia waited too long to bring in relief in the fourth inning when Roth was done. He brought in David Carpenter, a terrible choice and this carpenter was no savior.

It ended up being a nine run inning for the Rangers.

Lots of hindsight in this game.

The poor fans in attendance started to get rained on in the seventh inning. Just a drizzle but that is a lot of water falling from the sky in Southern California.

Meanwhile at home, the Angels telecast in Fsn-West sunk to new lows with a microphone that picked up whining kids cheering for the Rangers from a luxury suite above the Angels announcing team. READ MY STORY ABOUT THAT AT THIS LINK.

That is all. Terrible game, let's never talk about it again.

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