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Angels Bats Silent in Seattle

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You ground into so many double plays sometimes that it just makes sense.

talk amongst yourselves
talk amongst yourselves
Otto Greule Jr


A dialogue between the voices inside my head.

You will read about this game.

Which game?

The game that took place between the Mariners and the Angels.

Were the Mariners in town?

No, they were at home. The Angels were on the road.

The Angels played the M's at the Kingdome?

No the Kingdome was imploded and SafeCo Field was built, courtesy of the 1995 Angels.

What will I read about the game?

That the Angels pitchers gave up six runs and that the Angels scored none.

Sounds terrible.

It sounds terrible because it was terrible.

Was it as-

No, it was not as terrible as 1995.

You just interrupted yourself.

Can I continue?

I don't know, can you?

May I continue?


It was only one regular season game. The Angels have beaten the Mariners 75 times since the start of the 2007 season so you gotta figure things even out even among terrible teams.

What about 2006?

The one season the Mariners played us even decently they tanked most of their games with the Athletics. Had the M's been .500 against Anaheim and Oakland in 2006 the Angels would have won the West handily that year. They were an 89-win team anyway who finished 4 behind that year.

Does that make up for 1995?

No it compounds 1995 in a way which is much more insidious as it takes half a paragraph to explain instead of simply saying the year.

What good does saying the year do?

When you say 1986 or 1995 you don't have to say anything else. When you say 2006 you need an explanation even though it was just as terrible as 1995.

So is there a point about talking about 2006 in 2013?


Good, I thought you were crazy there for a minute. Can you make the point now?

We have to beat the cruddy teams and the Mariners are the epitome of a cruddy team. They might tank against a divisional opponent so we have to beat them, there is no excuse for playing an unfocused grounderfest against the pile of garbage that plays its home games at SafeCo Field. They are terrible and we played to the point of being more terrible.

Are both teams terrible in this instance?

If this season is what you mean by an instance, yes.

So why would I read about two terrible teams.

You will read about one terrible game that just so happens to be about two terrible teams.

What will I read?

You will read that the Angels lost to the Mariners 6-0 and you will feel terrible.

What else will I read?

Not a damn thing more from me, I am out of here for the night, this team can suck an egg for all I care. Good night.

Good night.