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Tommy Hanson Returns to Angels Monday

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Angels Rotation Returns to "Normal" Soon.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Angels pitcher Tommy Hanson will return to the club on Monday from the MLB Bereavement list after a death in the family. The Bereavement list was created prior to the 2003 season to protect clubs from losing a spot on the 25-man roster when players had to attend to a death in the family. A player can spend three to seven days off the team with a substitute player being called up, disabled list style, instead of the old method which left the team scrambling with twenty four men for a similar window of time.

Hanson will pitch on Monday for the Angels in Oakland. The current rotation for the team is thus: C.J. Wilson tonight in Seattle, Joe Blanton Saturday, Jason Vargas on Sunday, Hanson and Garrett Richards on Tuesday night against Oakland. After the Wednesday afternoon getaway game against the A's featuring CJ on the mound, Angels fans will be treated to a four game series against Baltimore at the Big A with Bluto Blanton taking the mound on Thursday, May 2.

For you trivia buffs, former Angels reliever Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez was the first American League player to ever go on the bereavement list, ten years ago this month.