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Friday ANGELS Lineup

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Here we go again...

Harris Ranch.
Harris Ranch.
Otto Greule Jr

Another day of Trout not leading off befalls us...

Angels Lineup for Friday, April 26, 2013 in Seattle:

Peter Bourjos batting in the lead off spot, playing in Center Field

Mike Trout batting second despite being the best leadoff hitter in professional sports.

Albert Pujols batting third and playing First Base for the second consecutive game.

Josh Hamilton batting cleanup as the Designated Hitter, old man gets a rest for a night.

Mark Trumbo batting fifth and playing Right Field, thankfully a Lefty on the mound means every pull-righty-bat in the Mariners system will be in the lineup this evening.

Howie Kendrick bats sixth and plays 2B

Brendan Harris is batting seventh and playing Shortstop as Erick Aybar remains in Arizona at extended Spring Training healing his heel.

Hank Conger is batting eighth and will be doing the Catching. Chris Iannetta sure looked tired out last night.

Luis Jimenez bats ninth and plays 3B tonight for your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The starting pitcher for the Angels is C.J. Wilson.