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Angels Scrape to Beat Beard Hat Mariners

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The Mariners Beard Hat Promotion Brought the Fans Who Bought the Beers to Up the Cheers to Keep the M's Close.

...and they will BREED ! ! !
...and they will BREED ! ! !
Otto Greule Jr

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 6, Mariners 3


The Mariners tried hard to mount a comeback against C.J. Wilson and the Angels after the Halos had scored five unanswered runs in the first three innings of Friday night's game. But every time they were poised to go ahead with a big hit against the Angels shaky bullpen, they remembered they were the Mariners and choke-a-roonied.

This went on and on. After blowing through the Mariners lineup the first time around, Angels starter C.J. Nibbles started inning after inning off with baserunners. He allowed four of the five hits he was charged for, and both of his walks, in the fourth thru sixth inning.

But they took it. The tying run was at the plate so many times and they held it off and finally took the game.

If this is how they match up with the pathetic Mariners things are not looking good.

Startign Right Fielder Mark Trumbo and starting Catcher Hank Conger hit two-run home runs and Howie Kendrick had a great game on defense that saved a few runs. The bullpen was tightropewalking terrible but was unscathed and Wilson did not inspire confidence with a his early inning magic along with his pitching command disappearing in a hurry.

The Angels are now 9-13. They face Felix Hernandez tomorrow and Hisashi Iwakuma (a nemesis of theirs) on Sunday.