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Angels LINEUP Saturday

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Pujols second straight game at 1B

White Glove Test
White Glove Test

The Angels see the first pitch from King Felix at 6:10 PM tonight and here is the best that Mike Scioscia could do...

Leading off is Peter Bourjos playing in Center Field.

Mike Trout is batting second, playing in Left Field.

Albert Pujols plays his second consecutive game at First Base and bats in the third spot.

Josh Hamilton is back in Right Field after a night off his feet, still in the cleanup spot.

Mark Trumbo bats fifth and is the Designated Hitter.

Howie Kendrick is at 2B and bats sixth.

Brendan Harris is the Short Stop and bats seventh.

Chris Iannetta is catching and batting eighth.

El Lucho is in the nine spot at 3B.

Our hopes rest on the shoulders of Joe Blanton.

Despite winning last night, the mood is a little dour in Angels fan land as the lack of ease that beating a team that is the embodiment of subpar... well it weighs on the casual observer. These were the two easy games and now we have King Felix and tomorrow a tough Iwakuma. Oh well, nothins easy...