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Angels Fall to the Mariners, 2-3

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With the Angels four games under .500, tonight could have been a night to move closer to breaking even; however, that would not happen. The Angels lost to the Mariners, 2-3.



Joe Blanton took the hill for the Halos and put on an above average performance (for his standards) in the beginning of the game. Through five innings, Blanton gave up ZERO runs. Yes, nothing! Then, the sixth inning rolled around and Blanton gave up a home run to Jesus Montero. He would leave the game with nine hits and four walks while earning himself three runs. It was a Joe Blanton type of day.

The Angels hitting had a spark fly in the third inning when Chris Iannetta went yard and put the Halos on the board. But they were really no match for Felix Hernandez. The Mariners ace went eight innings with one walk and seven strikeouts. For the Mariners, it was a King Felix type of day. The go-ahead run came from former Angel, Kendrys Morales -- a liner to Mike Trout.

The final inning flared signs of life (albeit, not much of it). After Albert Pujols flew out, Josh Hamilton singled and brought Mark Trumbo to the plate. Cue the Trum-bomb! But, that never happened. Howie Kendrick came up to the plate and lined out.

That's your ballgame, folks. Express your feelings down below!