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Week 04 Pregame Picks Results

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Weekly Winner: monkeys54 (1st)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (4 week streak)


Week 4 was a pretty salty 3-4 result for the Angels, but points were flowing pretty well for the pregame picks.

monkeys54 grabbed first by scoring a whopping 12 points. 4 other players grabbed 9 points for second place, close in ranking but not so much in points. Well done!

Here are the full results for Week 4.

Overall, rmhalofan retains the lead for 4 straight weeks... however, monkeys54 has cut the lead down to one single point! Perhaps this upcoming week will finally see a change in leadership! Ant Fan and Figgi4life are close at 3rd (down by 3). angelslogic wraps up the top 5, down only by 4 points.

Here are the full overall results.