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Late Homers Against Vargas Sink Angels

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Final Score: Angels 1 - Mariners 2



A sprinkle of hits here and there was all the activity that would be present in the first half of the game.

Then comes the 6th inning, a hit, a sacrifice, and an error was what the Angels needed to score their first (and only) run.Great!

Then comes the 7th. Vargas is still in the game. He gives up a lead-off home run which ties up the game, but promptly gets out of the inning afterwards. Fine, maybe the bullpen is a little strained...

Then comes the 8th. Vargas is still in the game. He gives up another home run which gives the Mariners the lead. (And well, the game).

The top of the 9th comes and goes, and the Angels leave the Emerald City to see how things will go in Oakland.

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