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Angels Trade for Reliever Rob Delaney

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Reliever Rob Delaney had a 2.05 ERA over his past two AAA seasons in 130+ Innings Pitched.

Delaney is on the right, but that ain't Bonnie on the left.
Delaney is on the right, but that ain't Bonnie on the left.
Jared Wickerham

Pitcher Rob Delaney was acquired by the Angels Sunday afternoon in exchange for AAA catcher Chris Snyder.

Delaney will be in Salt Lake City as a member of the AAA Bees who begin an eight-game home stand tonight, a chance for Angels fans to see a better Angels team than the one currently traveling the major league circuit.

The beleaguered Angels bullpen may be Delaney's landing spot soon as as Sunday was the first game of the season where a relief pitcher was not used, starter Jason Vargas throwing eight innings a low-scoring loss to the Mariners.

Snyder was acquired by the Angels late in Spring training to light a fire under Hank Conger's behind and in this Bic Lighter role Snyder's presence was a better than league average flame. As the gentlemen's agreements in baseball go, the promise to Snyder was to have him up to the big club or traded by the end of the first month of the season. He is now property of the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles come to Anaheim Thursday for a four game set with backup catcher Taylor Teagarden on the disabled list with a broken scone. Get it, want a scone with your tea, its a tea party! Backing up Matt Weiters will be none other than Snyder so if your preseason prediction was that Angels fans would see Snyder in Anaheim early in the season YOU WUZ RIGHT!

Snyder was absolutely mashing in Salt Lake, hitting .342 in the high altitude air.

Delaney was signed as an amateur free agent by the Minnesota Twins in 2006 out of St. John's University. He made his major league debut in 2010 with the Twins, was waived in 2011 and picked up by the Rays who he pitched for briefly at the major league level that year.