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Angels Lineup Monday + Erick Aybar AAA Rehab

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they tried to make him go to rehab he said "no, no no", but then he went... Angels SS Erick Aybar begins his rehab assignment in Salt Lake City tonight.

Jeff Gross

Angels SS Erick Aybar begins his rehab assignment in Salt Lake City tonight. He hurt his heel running to 1B a few weeks ago and hobbled around with the team for a few days, trying to stay off the Disabled List, but then he went to the Disabled List. Then instead of traveling with the team he went to extended Spring Training for work. Now he goes to Salt Lake City to play tonight's game with the Bees. Another great defies Amy Winehouse and goes to rehab.

The close proximity to Oakland bodes well for a return of Aybar to the lineup tomorrow or Wednesday.

The Angels Lineup for tonight's game against the Athletics is:

Peter Bourjos in CF
Mike Trout in LF
Albert Pujols and his achey foot at 1B
Josh Hamilton whiffing at cleanup and playing RF
Mark Trumbo DHing
Howie Kendrick at 2B
Brendan Harris at SS
Chris Iannetta Catching
Luis Jimenez at 3B

Oakland's lineup, if you care, is: Crisp CF, Smith DH, Lowrie SS, Cespedes LF, Moss 1B, Donaldson 3B, Jaso C, Reddick RF, Sogard 2B

Meanwhile another major league veteran, Kip Wells, will be joining Aybar in Salt Lake. Wells (no relation to Vernon) has finished his Arizona extended Spring stay and reported to the Bees this afternoon. With Orangel Arenas as the scheduled starter for tonight, don't be surprised if the desperate-for-relief Halos try a conversion on the old vet.

Meanwhile Alberto Callaspo has reported to the Inland Empire 66ers and should begin playing in games with them soon. Even money he is in the Angels lineup by Sunday's game at home against Baltimore.