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Game 002: Battle of the Teams in Red Continues

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After a quick day off... we get back into the groove against the Reds.


Angels (C.J. Wilson) @ Reds (Mat Latos) - 4.10PM

Pregame Picks:

Pick your Player! Unlike last year where everyone pooled on some certain players, the process will be a wee bit different this year. 3 random positions on each team will randomly be selected as your choices each time. Choose one and go go go!

Otherwise the rules are the same. You'll earn points based on what your chosen player does.
Hits, Runs, Walks earn you points. LOBs and Ks lose you points.
Don't worry, you'll never lose points playing this game. But you will be capped at 4 points.

Fix to Last Game's Results
The results to yesterday's game had an error with E1 & E2. The values have been updated on the postgame thread, and I'll post it here too for your convenience. Apologies for the mistake.