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Mike Scioscia Bullpen Implosion Becomes Extra Inning Farce

Final Score In Oakland: ANGELS 8, Athletics 10



You will read all the stuff about it being the longest game in Angels history time wise. Discussing the incredible extra innings lore only masks the terrible decisions by Mike Scioscia that got the Angels into that position.

Scioscia brought Michael Roth back into the game to pitch the eighth inning of a 7-2 ballgame. Roth had pitched a scoreless seventh and Scioscia pressed his bet.

None of us deserved to sit through what came next.

Meanwhile the L.A. Times wants you to PAY to read this Mike DiGiovanna contribution to baseball understanding... Angels may have found a keeper in reliever Dane De La Rosa

I suppose Mike Scioscia is not well-versed in the simplest advanced metrics of baseball and he probably doesn't read the blogs so perhaps we can blame the newspapers for churning out the same old crapola features of every role player who then sends a few copies back to ma and pa in Hicksville and the nobody jock is then a worshipful "source close to the club" for the reporter to use when the house of cards collapses.

After Roth had put runners on, Dane De La Rosa let 'em all in. Thanks Mike 'n Mike.

Much will be written about this game and all the fun trivial records that were set but let's not forget the FIVE RUN LEAD that was blown because Mike Scioscia manages his bullpen with rigid roles instead of picking the best reliever at any given moment. I gotta go to bed.

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