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Tuesday Halolinks: Angels Take All Night To Lose, Peter Bourjos Hurt

The Angels drop their game in 19 innings in Oakland, but the worse part is the loss of Peter Bourjos.

"Wait. What?"
"Wait. What?"
Jason O. Watson

I love baseball, and I love the Angels, but this is getting pretty much unbearable. Here are some Halolinks:

  • If losing wasn't bad enough, now the club is doing it three times in one night...Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics - April 29, 2013 - "Their bullpen coughed up a five-run lead with six outs left, Josh Hamilton went 0-for-8 with three strikeouts, Peter Bourjos was lost to the disabled list and the Angels suffered their fifth defeat in six tries, putting their record at 9-16 -- tied for the worst mark through the first 25 games in team history. "It sucks," said Bourjos" Indeed it does, Pete. Indeed it does. At least Manager Mike is able to put the game in perspective: Moss' second homer ends A's 19-inning win - Yahoo! Sports. "You're always going to have your share of frustrations over the course of the season," said Angels manager Mike Scioscia, whose team blew ninth-inning and 15th-inning leads." Haven't we already had our share of frustrations? When is this going to be fun?
  • Angels-Athletics Preview - Yahoo! Sports. "Los Angeles had a 3.11 ERA through its first five games, but since Weaver suffered a broken left elbow April 7 in a loss to Texas, it has posted a 5.08 ERA and ranks last in the AL with a 4.69 overall mark." But...Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics - April 30, 2013 - "Joe Blanton, Jason Vargas and Tommy Hanson have given the team three consecutive quality starts, a trend the rotation hopes to continue Tuesday." Three quality starts and ZERO WINS. So, no. Let's not hope the trend continues, let's hope the offense can score more runs than the pitching gives up. That's a quality start.
  • Baseball reacts to NBA player Jason Collins coming out of the closet - Yahoo! Sports. "Collins, an NBA veteran, came out on Monday, becoming the first openly gay player in the United States' three major team sports. It's a move that many believe will alter the landscape of sports, as Collins becomes a trailblazer for gay athletes." Trailblazer? I thought he played for the Celtics. Whatever. Personally, I could care less who someone sleeps with as long as they can help my team win. Wilson applauds NBA's Collins for coming out - "It's very courageous of him to come out," the Angels' starter said. "My biggest concern was the social ramifications, for friends and family and teammates and stuff like that. But he addressed that - pretty well, I think. It was a very articulate article. I read it. It'd just be interesting to see if a team picks him up."
  • Hey MLB, welcome to 2004! YouTube now offers more MLB highlights and full archived games. "MLB has beefed up the offerings on its YouTube channel to include highlights from every game of 2013 (two days after they've occurred), and a vast archive of full games from as far back as 1952."
  • Remember those pictures of the 9-11 tourist guy?300px-tourist_guy_medium
    This isn't one of those:Rays reporter Kelly Nash takes an impressively dangerous Fenway Park self-portrait - Yahoo! Sports. "Nash noted that her producer had called out "heads up!" a few times as home run balls rained down around her. "But none of those balls actually fell close to me," Nash said, "so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture." Once she looked at it, she realized just how close she'd come to getting beaned."
  • Bugs & Cranks " Ten Things I Love About Bryce Harper. "Beyond the "Boardwalk Empire" haircut, the stupid car and tattoos, he is an immense talent who earnestly loves the game and seems to love Washington. Here’s 10 reasons why I love him back." In response, here are 10 Things I Love About Mike Trout:
  1. He's not Bryce Harper
  2. He doesn't have a "fauxhawk"
  3. We don't have to read about how awesome he is, we already know it.
  4. He doesn't seem to know how awesome he is.
  5. He plays for the Angels.
  6. He's fast.
  7. He makes really neat plays in the outfield.
  8. He usually can hit really well.
  9. We don't have to read about his car.
  10. He's not Bryce Harper.