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Aching Angels: Aybar Up, Bourjos to DL

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Just as one get healthy another goes down.

before he ached he scored
before he ached he scored

Angels Shortstop Erick Aybar, hurt most of the season with a bruise to the heel of his foot, played one rehabilitation game for the AAA Salt Lake Bees and has been recalled to the big club. He homered in the thin Utah night air and will be in uniform in Oakland tonight.

To make room for him, the Angels are sending outfielder Peter Bourjos to the Disabled List for a pulled hamstring. He suffered the pull on live television late last night in the extra inning game from hell, trying to (and almost) beating out a bunt. I personally had never seen him run so hard, so fast, nor seen an Angel grab at the back of their thigh so intensely since the days of Darin Erstad.

Rookie 3B Luis Jimenez also left the game with a bruised knee.

This certainly puts Mike Trout in Centerfield but do senior citizens Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols need spelling after nineteen marathon innings last night? Mark Trumbo in Left or at 1B? Has the J.B. Shuck era in Anaheim begun? These and other depressing questions await being answered!