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OF Scott Cousins to Angels, Michael Roth to Minors

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Angels Wind Up With One LESS Pitcher After Nineteen Inning Marathon Takes It's Toll

Scott Cousins
Scott Cousins

Erick Aybar - SS
Mike Trout - CF
Albert Pujols - DH
Mark Trumbo - 1B
Hambone Willits - RF
Howie Whatever - 2B
Hank Conger - C
Harris Ranch - 3B
J.B. Shuck - LF

By the look of it last night, you might have sworn that Mike Scioscia wanted to establish pitcher Michael Roth as a bullpen staple in Anaheim. A scoreless seventh inning was rewarded with more time on the mound, a rare reward from the manager of rigid roles and never thinking outside the bullpen box.

Fast forward 12 innings - albeit all in one night - and Roth has been demoted to the minor leagues (not sure if AAA Salt Lake or AA Arkansas from where he came). Scioscia's plan to preserve his taxed bullpen by extending Roth thus yields a nee Angel in uniform tonight... Outfielder Scott Cousins.

Wait a minute... the gassed bullpen is MINUS on player? With Jerome Williams throwing six innings and Michael Kohn throwing two innings, every other pitcher is ready to go, considering Jason Vargas pitched into the eighth on Sunday. Scott Downs, Dane De La Rosa, Ernesto Frieri and Barry Enright, the slouches that ruined yesterday's game are all available, aren't you excited about the possibilities?!?!

With Peter Bourjos being sent to the disabled list, the need for outfield depth must be more pressing. After Chris Iannetta caught all nine innings last night, the Monday trade of AAA catcher Chris Snyder to Baltimore might be the next gaffe that haunts the club.