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Angels Finish April 9-17 After 9 Inning Loss to A's

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AND it feels like this.
AND it feels like this.
Thearon W. Henderson


The Angels lost to the Oakland Athletics for the fifth time this season.

They finish April 9-17.

Very little is going well for the team and to see Mike Scioscia walk out to the pitcher's mound with Nick Maronde working on a 3-1 count after Maronde had already been visited by pitching coach Mike Butcher... the absolute disconnected mental fog of the coaching staff has shrouded the ability to instill any sense of urgency or purpose to the roster.

There were a few bright spots in a 10-6 loss to a faceless squad of Bay Area no-names. Do I want to go over the bright spots or wallow in the misery that this season is shaping up to be?

Erick Aybar coming back and participating gamely was a bright spot. Why he is leading off is anyone's guess.

Mark Trumbo hit a monster home run in the seventh inning when the game was out of reach.

Mike Trout warmed up with a double, a big triple and 4 ribbies.

But the pitching was excrement, Josh Hamilton is a bust and Peter Bourjos is on the disabled list for at least two weeks. There are so many negatives. So much work to be done just to be a contender NEXT season.

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