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Angels Fall to Reds on Joe Blanton Homerfest

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FINAL SCORE: Angels 4, Reds 5

Joe Robbins

For the second game in a row, the Angels lost to a solid Reds team 5-4. The Angels offense was down early but never out of it, threatening often and holding the Reds scoreless with three great scoreless innings by the bullpen.

Former Red Josh Hamilton struck out facing Aroldis Chapman to end the game with Mike Trout, the tying run, on 2B.

In his Angels debut Joe Blanton gave up three home runs and deep triple that needed an umpiring review, adding up to five runs scored in the six innings a much less pudgy Blanton pitched.

That was the diffrence, so this loss is squarely on the man who signed Skinny Joe - Jerry Dipoto, although the strategy of league average pitching beng supported by a strong offense was in evidence.

Notes on this game in no order

Josh Hamilton got his first hit and ribbies as an Angel.

Trout finally turned on the Turbo-Trout.

Joe Blanton had one inning of the five he pitched where a run did not score. And he was in more trouble that inning than most of the others.

The lack of frostbite in this game might have helped the Angels offense warm up.

Mark Trumbo was terrible in the field early but turned it on with two good running catches in the bottom of the seventh. In the top of that inning, he finally gets a big double and Dino holds up the Hambone at 3B. Howie flies out to end the threat.

The Reds might be the best team the Angels face this season.

Fox Sports West has a news ticker at the bottom of the screen! Ooooh, I guess this proves they are a comprehensive sports information destination. Guess what, if I am awake at 9 AM to watch the third baseball game of the season, I don't give a rat's patootie about anyone in the NFL releasing their washed up Wide Receivers.