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Angels Pen Gives Up Two Runs Late, Rangers Win 3-2

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Hamilton Homecoming is not the Headline.

...something to prove
...something to prove

Ian Kinsler drove in the go ahead run for the Texas Rangers off of Angels reliever Scott Downs, breaking a 2-2 tie late in a close game. Garrett Richards had given up a solo home run to Adrian Beltre with two outs in the seventh to tie the game.

This spoiled a great Angels debut by Jason Vargas who allowed one run in 5.2 IP. The Ranger offense hit a lot of little flairs but nothing solid or macho until Beltre's late blast. Josh Hamilton got booed in his return to Arlington and was worth booing.

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With two on and nobody out in the top of the sixth, Peter Bourjos in an obvious bunt situation, telecaster Mark Gubicza discussed in precise detail about the possibility of a pickoff attempt to the lead runner at 2B. While it was a lousy moment for the Angels when what he described came to pass, with Derek Holland putting Alberto Callaspo into a pickle, it was perhaps Gubicza's greatest moment as a television analyst, giving us insight into the nuances of the game situation with the clarity of one who has been there. It has become a sport of sort to mock the sonambulist repetition of catch phrases in place of commentary by the limited vocabulary Goobi, so it behooves us to laud his occasional great moments. Hopefully there will be many more, just with the lousy stuff happening to the opponents of the Angels.

That sixth inning really took the game from the Angels. Even though Mike Trout drove in a run to take the lead, to go from two on and no out to only getting one run after that Callaspo pickoff was not what the Halos would need. Chris Iannetta hit a solo home run for the Angels first run. Perennial Halokiller A.J. Pierszynski was 3 for 3 in his Arlington debut.


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