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New Angels Blog Has Terrible Name

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If you want to get "Inside the Angels" you might want to get your mind out of the gutter


Today there was breaking Angels news when it was announced that Carlos Ramirez, the Angels AA catcher, has been suspended fifty games for testing positive for a "drug of abuse".

What does "Drug of Abuse" mean? I guess it stands in deference to "drug of performance enhancement not named viagra" and we can assume that the allegation her is that Carlos Ramirez was gettin' stoned.

I read about it from the OC Register's Jeff Fletcher... but I didn't pay the OCR a dime to read the report as Fletcher broke the story on Twitter. So did Mike DiGiovanna without me having to break out the wallet to scale the LA Times paywall. Everybody reads these two on twitter and I dare either of them to reveal the assumed laughably paltry number of readers their breaking Angels news stories garner behind their paywall.

Did they get fifteen clicks apiece?

One blog that was on the news and reported is affiliated with an old school dinosaur print media conglomeration of carpetbagging local reporting: INSIDE THE ANGELS. Is that the grossest allusion to a cavity search that a groupthink corporate media screw-by-committee blue-ribbon panel could come up with?

It is gross.

But it is a good blog with great stories and the aforementioned breaking news. Check it out. Just wear a condom or at least plug your nose.