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Game 005: Saturday Afternoon Pregame Picks

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Angels @ Rangers - 1:05PM

Joe Robbins

The battle of the Ha*sons today. I can't imagine this kind of matchup happens often...


Angels (Tommy Hanson) @ Rangers (Matt Harrison) - 1.05PM

Really. Still not getting a proper evening game over here on the West Coast?

Pregame Picks
Inning Pick 'Em! Game premise is simple. Guess the innings which a run will be scored by EITHER team.
Whether I've spread out the points well enough or not, I have no idea... but we'll see.

If the game's only runs come in extra innings, no points for anyone. Oh well.

FWIW, In 2012, the Angels scored a run in the first inning 32% of the time. If you want to extrapolate that out to all innings, it averaged to 29%. And the probability someone will use this info to their advantage somehow? Who knows.