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Week 01 Pregame Picks Summary

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drtrix and rmhalofan reign supreme for the first week of 2013!



Every Saturday (ideally) I'll put a post up like this and post a summary of the week's games. This is your last chance to double check your score and make sure I haven't made a mistake. Once Sunday comes and goes then the scores are set in stone. (Unless I'm feeling nice.)

It also lets us highlight those who did particularly well for the week. In this case, it's drtrix and rmhalofan. Each scoring 8 points, and playing the full 5 games for the week. Figgi4life was close at 7 points, missing a game certainly could've made all the difference though.

Full results can be found here.

Normally there would be a post about the overall leader as well... but since it's week 1, the weekly results are the same as the overall results. Enjoy your position on top... while it lasts!

And just want to apologize again for the mistakes that have been found in the results lately. Once the season is in full force, all the kinks should be worked out and everything should (ideally, again) go smoothly.