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Yu Darvish Dominates Angels Like a Blister in the Sun

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Jered Weaver leaves game with non-throwing-arm injury

Note the Flags Are Not World Championship Banners
Note the Flags Are Not World Championship Banners

Yu Darvish made the Angels look silly, despite the LA of A plating two runs in the top of the first inning and having many many many many scoring opportunities. Darvish allowed six hits, hit a batter and walked four Angels but he struck out six in five IP and the Angels left a combined 22 runners on base over nine innings.

Darvish left the game with a blister which was hilarious considering the Arlington bandbox organist kept playing the opening cords to the 1982 Violent Femmes song Blister In The Sun tin order to get the sheep in the stands to clap (pak-pak ...pak-pak).

The Angels lost to the Rangers by the score of 7-3. The Angels are 2-4 over their first six games, all on the road and the first three without a designated hitter. They fly home for their home opener on Tuesday.

Jered Weaver landed funny on his left (non-pitching) arm in the top of the sixth inning and left the game. By that point he had allowed... you know what, he was not pitching great, his pitching style does not lend itself well to a windy night at a tiny park, Weaver being a flyball pitcher and all - From the start of the game the elements in that windy homer-humping stadium were at peak effect.

But I got a question... how come the wind only benefited one team?

The home plate umpire squeezed Darvish and Weaver quite a but. Except when Mike Trout was up to bat. Wow did the corner of the plate leap into another Area Code when Trout was at the plate.

Jerome Williams came out to mop up in relief. He was the 25th and final Angel on the opening day roster to appear in a game this season. Six games is quick to get everyone in by Mike Scioscia standards.