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Jered Weaver Elbow X-Rays Negative But Disabled List Looms

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The Angels ace landed on his left (non-throwing) arm a little funny and strained his elbow.

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OUCH ! ! ! !
OUCH ! ! ! !
Brandon Wade

Angels ace Jered Weaver slipped dodging a line drive past the mound in Texas on Sunday night. He landed a little awkwardly on his left (non-throwing) arm and strained his elbow. X-Rays were negative. He might need to miss his next start.

Describing his elbow as swollen, USA TODAY quoted The Weave:

"It's pretty painful,'' said Weaver, who gingerly put on his clothes. "It feels like a really bad jam. I definitely hyper-extended it or something.'

If he needs to miss two starts, the Angels could retroactively place him on the disabled list and make a roster move. The most logical move would be to have Garrett Richards join the rotation and recall a reliever from the minor leagues. Such a move would not have to be made until Weaver's next scheduled start on Saturday at home against the Houston Astros.

If the Angels skip that appearance with a spot starter, the next day for Weaver to pitch would be at home against the Tigers on Friday, April 19, although with an off day on April 18 could simply keep every Angels starter on regular rest and no decision on Weaver would be needed until Tuesday, April 23... in Anaheim against the Rangers.