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Kevin Jepsen Blows Angels Home Opener Comeback

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After taking the lead in the sixth 5-4 having been down 0-4, the bullpen gives up five runs with two outs in the very next half-inning.

Why do you build me up, just to let me down?
Why do you build me up, just to let me down?
Jeff Gross

FINAL SCORE: Angels 5 Athletics 9 - Winning Pitcher: Ryan Cook Losing Pitcher: Kevin Jepsen

The Angels came back from a 4-0 first inning deficit in a frustrating display of leaving runners stranded on base. They finally went ahead in the bottom of the sixth inning 5-4 only to see Kevin Jepsen meltdown and allow an inherited runner and three of his own runs to score with two outs in the top of the seventh inning.

Does a team that finds this many ways to lose a five out of its first seven games have an exasperating season waiting for its fans? While the seven game sample size is small and the variety of losses reveals no deep pattern, you can forgive half of the packed house for walking out during the seventh inning stretch as the loser national anthem Buttercup too aptly described the Anaheim's nine teasing victory before letting down fans in a brutal manner.

The terrible Fox Sports West camerawork on the Angels telecast sure managed to avoid any crowd shots after Jepsen's appearance. Having shown the overflow crowd for most of the game in wide shots of the action, the last three innings painstakingly went out of their way to avoid the emptied seating bowl.


C.J. Wilson walked so many A's in the first inning because he stubbornly refused to accept the fact that it was a tight strike zone. Ego kills.

Josh Hamilton's first AB in Anaheim as an Angel: Bases loaded nobody out, team already down by four. K swinging.

Cruddy FSN-West Minor League telecast gives us replay - the exact camera angle we just saw - almost always a wide field shot that reveals nothing we did not just see. Or when there is no replay we get a closeup of a sweaty jock's face instead of a shot of the field that might illustrate the game situation.

The Angels got the lead runner on base in the first six innings. Chris Iannetta flew out to start the bottom of the seventh inning.

First Inning: Bases loaded, nobody out... it is harder, statistically, to not score than to score in that situation.

Fourth Inning: Bases loaded one out - the out being a bunt with two on and no out... those strategic jockeyings of Mike Scioscia have been biting him in the behindsight in this early smidgen of the season.

The two runs the Angels scored in the bottom of the third inning bookended a wild double play where Yoenis Cespedes caught a Hamilton fly deep to the gap on the run and threw out Plantar Pujols hobbling back to 1B.

Jepsen buzzkilled me writing any more notes. And that's all that there is that there is.