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Angels Win May Day Game

May Day May Day May Day... Whew!

Mike And Mike
Mike And Mike


The Angels bats blasted out three solo home runs among the five runs they scored in Oakland and the bullpen tried to give them all back and almost succeeded, falling short with two on in a 5-4 game when the Athletics made their final out.

Howie Kendrick got the scoring going with a solo home. Mike trout and Mark Trumbo followed later on with solo shots. C.J. Wilson scattered six hits and five walks far enough apart to only yield two runs but after 123 pitches his arm probably made it back to the team hotel and was tucked into bed before the rest of the squad hit the showers.

Reliever Scott Downs was charitable enough to give the A's some runs before injuring his side throwing a pitch. Ernesto Firieri offered the game to Oakland on a silver platter but after feasting on Angels "relief" for two games the engorged Oakland squad just belched and dropped the broom.

The Angels tenth win of the season had all the hallmarks of their seventeen losses but sometimes the ball bounces your way, now doesn't it? It is a beautiful afternoon, Southern California, go do something fun, tell your family you love them, pretend that Josh Hamilton is still on the Rangers, have a good time and Light That BABY UP!!!