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Quality Start For Jerome, Bullpen Doesn't Ruin It: Angels Win In Chicago, 3-2

In a season that's already seen the Angels go nine-deep into their starting pitching depth (when there was nothing inspiring below the #1 spot anyways), a quality-start from Jerome Williams, who started the year at #7 on that list, is truly welcome.

David Banks


Granted, the Jerome Show tonight was hardly full-spectrum dominance. The White Sox put the wood on just about everything, mostly through the air—a very dangerous trajectory at US Cellular Field—but to his credit, Jerome only walked one dude and left it up to the excellent outfield defense to make the plays behind him. After his solid 6 2/3 innings, a Downs-Richards-Frieri combo finished the job with little incident. Now that the Angels seem to be calling up relievers that <em>I have literally never heard of in my life</em>, and on an almost weekly basis, I have to call that a win. And fortunately, the official score agrees with me tonight

The Angels were, regrettably, pretty flat on the offensive end again. Mike Trout hit a two-run homer in the first that was, of course, the highlight of the night. The deciding third run should properly belong to the White Sox defense, who allowed Albert Pujols to score on an error and a passed ball in the top of the third. After that, the whole lineup pretty much went back to sleep for the rest of the evening. Hopefully they'll make it back to their hotel this evening revived and rejuvenated for a Saturday evening full of raucous debauchery in the Chicago Loop.

For those of you counting at home (and I wouldn't blame you if you stopped after April), that's two three wins in a row (apparently I had stopped counting myself) for this beleaguered team. That is a non-trivial winning streak, a rare scene so far in Scioscia 2013: The Empire Fades Into Irrelevance. Is it A New Hope or A Fool's Hope? Discuss among yourselves.