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Week06 Pregame Picks Results

Week 6 Winner: Eric in Portland (1st)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (6 week streak)


Eric In Portland reigned supreme this week by topping the charts with 12 points! lodihalofan was close at 11, but will have to settle for 2nd. atlantangel (last week's leader) and im4kiss grab the bronze with 10 points.

Full results for the last week can be found here.

Overall, rmhalofan continues to defend his crown as HH Pregame Picks Leader. Two strong showings by atlantangel has catapulted him into 2nd, but still 5 points behind! Ant Fan manages to grab 3rd trailing by another point. angelslogic and bc56274 are tied for 4th, trailing by yet another point.

Full results overall can be found here.