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Angels Lose Big In Royals Series Opener

Final Score: 11-4 The Angels lost another game this season, another increasingly common contest completely bereft of any passion, fight, rigor. I'd almost call it a bad dream, but that isn't fair; bad dreams, after all, are at least interesting.

Jeff Gross


The Angels, probably tired from their grueling, .500 ball road trip against a couple of MLB's sketchiest bottom feeders, came into Anaheim as dead and lifeless as they would eventually make the home crowd. The offense, per usual, did nothing of note, a lesson in Way, Way Too Little and Way Too Late. The crowd, as you can imagine, had already been heading for the parking lot at 830, when the game was being blown wide open thanks to predictably bad pitching and absent hitting. They started their cars, and feeling a bit too much coin still rattling around in the trousers, they lit off like an old book of matches towards theaters of consumption like The Block, The Promenade. That's pretty much where I find myself these days, seeing a movie, eating out, shopping...basically spending my money and time elsewhere. Even if just limiting the spectrum of available entertainment to the world of sports, right now we have the NBA playoffs and the NHL playoffs, which are fun as usual, and when weighed against recent Angels games, are downright epic. I sure as spitfire don't want to spend Monday nights watching the Angels lose to the Kansas City Royals, while a grown man nicknamed Country Breakfast has five hits.

Arte wants my eyeballs, my clicks, my merch buying habits, but his product is being beat out by just about everything else. In fact, you know it was bad when the loudest cheers of the night came when the stadium had it's very own appearance from Idiot On The Field (or Jackwagon, as Victor Rojas likes to call him/her). Watching a presumably drunken fan navigate the grounds, and eventually get the complimentary spear tackle from stadium security, made the Angels faithful cheer as loud as they did when it was due to something good happening on the field. This was as lively the crowd would get tonight., but that's no big revelation..if the Angels 2013 season were a long lost Eddie and the Cruisers album, it would be Season In Hell. I want them to prove me wrong, make me look like the grumpy pessimist, but this obviously hasn't happened. It's probably not going to happen any time soon.