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Wednesday Halolinks: Pujols and Hamilton Power Up Angels Offense, Have The Halos Finally Shown Up?

For the first time this season Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton homered in the same game, could this be the beginning of an Angels turn-around?


It seems like most of the links I've found recently are from either or some AP story. Since the OC Register went behind a paywall, and the LA Times limits the number of article you can read on the internet without a subscription, some of the link opportunities have dwindled. It's not like those two fishwraps provided deep insight or truly entertaining content, but at least there was some variety in the Angels' coverage. Also, limiting the links is the lack of independent postings. It seems like its been a long time since I've read something interesting or entertaining from a website not named FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus, or NBCSports. If you know of, or follow a website that you think others might be interested in, please let me know in the comment section below. Here are your Halolinks for today:

  • As I wrote in last night's post-game writeup, this is the type of game I expected to watch all season; great pitching, power-packed hitting, and 6 or more runs per game. Depending on what your outlook in life is, this game can either make a person giddy, or piss a person off. A glass half empty will say, "Where the hell was this team all year?", while the half full types will respond, "Hey, maybe this is a turning around point for the club!" Angels' high-priced stars produce in win - Yahoo! Sports. "The game marked the first time this season that both Pujols and Hamilton homered in the same game, but Hamilton said the Angels' success this year depends on more than just those two, who will be paid $365 million over the length of their contracts." I'll admit it, I'm somewhat giddy, but I might have to wait a bit before I start thinking of full glasses. Angels hit 4 HRs off Guthrie, beat Royals 6-2 - Yahoo! Sports
    ''I went back and looked at (some tape from) 2010 - the end of May and early June, because I struggled the first month and a half of that season,'' Hamilton said. ''I looked at what kind of adjustment I made then and tried to simulate that in BP today and in the game. As the game went on, I saw more pitches and felt good.''
  • I sure had the game ended in a loss for the Halos, this inning would be the focal point of team's suckage: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels - May 14, 2013 - "The Angels didn't play a clean game -- not when you consider Chris Iannetta and J.B. Shuck were both thrown out at third base in the third inning -" It was an ugly inning, but fortunately didn't cost the team the game, " - but they hit four homers at home for the first time since July 8 of last year, received a solid start from a key newcomer and scored in five straight innings for the first time since April 19, 2011."
  • This could get ugly. Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels - May 15, 2013 - "Enright allowed five runs on four hits over 3 1/3 innings against the White Sox on Friday -- his first start of the season."
  • Weaver feels good, but will need rehab starts | News
    The Angels want to make sure Weaver is fully stretched out and totally in sync after being out five weeks with a broken left elbow. So Angels manager Mike Scioscia re-iterated on Tuesday that Weaver will need at least two rehab starts before being activated from the disabled list. That could follow his Friday session if Weaver continues to feel good, which would have him back by late May or early June.
  • This paragraph about Rex is pretty funny, but the point of Posnanski's post is how he wishes those in baseball who are opposed to sabermetrics would at least make an attempt at understanding the numbers, instead of just dismissing them. If those who played the game took the time to learn the data behind the figures, they might be able to shed a little more insight in the numbers. Joe Blogs: Stolen Bases And Rex Hudler. "Then Rex Hudler basically said this: If the guy on first (Alcides Escobar) stole second base, he would be able to score on a single. If he stayed at first base, he would not be able to score on a single. But if he made it to second base, he would be able to score on a single. Which he would not be able to do if he stayed on first base. So it would be better if he was on second base. That way he would be able to score on a single. He couldn’t do that on first base. But he could on second base. "What’s wrong with that?" he asked. Thus endeth the dissection of stolen bases."
  • I'll see you there! Angels-Twins postponed game set for Sept. 9 - "The Angels-Twins game at Target Field that was postponed on April 17 will be made up Monday, Sept. 9, at 4:10 p.m. PT."
  • The ugliest uniforms I've ever seen: Minor-league team ruining something beautifully ugly - Baseball Nation