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Angels Bullpen Meltdown Gives Away Chicago Series Opener

The Trumbobblehead™ giveaway made tonight's game worthwhile, but only for those in attendance. For the rest of us, watching on tv or listening on the radio through the cynical purview that the season has thus far bestowed, it was another sad, sad affair. The Angels gave up a 2 run lead and ultimately the game, and we're off to another slog of a series against one of MLB's weaker squads. Final Score: Chicago 5, Angels 4.

Man of quiet desperation.
Man of quiet desperation.


It was Mark Trumbo bobblehead night at Angel Stadium, which was really cool because it actually gave the poor fans in attendance a reason to be there. Everybody loves a bobblehead, especially for hometown boy Trumbo, but imagine for a second that there was no bobblehead giveaway tonight. Imagine that people had gone just to watch the Angels play, and lose, to the Chicago White Sox. Are you shuddering? Tu trembles, mon couer?

Jerome Williams obviously matches up against these White Sox quite well. Continuing where he picked off in his last start against Chicago, Williams managed to pitch 3 perfect innings to start of today's game. A Jerome Williams perfecto was probably never in the cards, so nobody was really surprised to see it get broken up in the fourth. It was also in the fourth when Alex Rios got the scoring popped off with a solo shot, but other than that, Williams looked better than most pitching options we have these days, going 6 innings and giving up 2 runs.

Offense was added in the form of a Mike Trout walk, followed by an Albert Pujols homer. That tied the game at 2, and then the Angels took their requisite precarious lead in the 6th, when Howie Kendrick hit a two run double. And things were really clicking for the Angels at that point. Afterwards, not so much.

These days a quality start can be rendered moot by one false move towards the bullpen, and that's exactly what happened this evening. The anthropomorphized lard-occluded artery known as Mike Scioscia decided that 6 innings of well pitched baseball was all he wanted to see tonight, even though Jerome was only at the 74 pitch mark. It's just the nightly does of questionable management from our hero-eating hero. Dane De La Rosa started off what was a very rough 8th inning for the Angels, which ended up seeing the White Sox score 3 runs, helped out by the Angels via errant throws, a wild pitch and Michael Kohn walking in the go-ahead run. It was a moment of futility that we're getting uncomfortably familiar with around here.

These are the times that try men's souls.