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Angels Postgame: 12-9 win

After last night's debacle in which Chris Sale dominated the Halos, Alberto Callaspo & Co. came back swinging against a Chicago White Sox team that was swinging twice as hard; however, they were able to secure the home victory.

Lisa Blumenfeld


This game was close, then the Angels had a cushioned lead, then the White Sox made it close yet again. Eventually, the Angels were able to win. And it all started with Joe Blanton for the Angels, so how did he fare? Well, in usual fashion he allowed four runs and gave up eleven hits in just over four innings. Just a Joe Blanton type of game. After Joe Blanton's usual outing, Robert Coello, Dane De La Rosa, Garrett Richards, and Ernesto Frieri followed.

As for the Angels hitting, they swung the bat fairly well -- combining for twelve hits. The White Sox did even batter by garnering seventeen. Alberto Callaspo led the offense with five RBIs on two hits. Josh Hamilton even came in for one at bat and got himself a hit. Hopefully the offensive explosion stays while the pitching staff closes up the hit factory.

Record: 16-27