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Week 08 Results

Weekly Winner: MiHaloFan (2nd)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (8 week streak)

Lisa Blumenfeld

Despite the SBN issues, we still managed to get the pregame picks in. If only the Angels found a way to

MiHaloFan eked a win with 10 points this week. edison8 and LanaBanana just missed out by scoring only 9. steelgolf and jallison86 wraps up the top 5 with 8 points a piece.

Full results are here.

Meanwhile, rmhalofan dominance continues as his lead has ballooned once again to a nice comfortable lead of 7 over steelgolf. Last on the medal podium is angelslogic and bc56274! 3 others are tied for 5th...

Full results are here.