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Angels Preview: Mariners, Royals

With an off-day on Monday, the Angels host the Mariners in a short two game set that starts Tuesday and then they head to Kansas City to play the Royals to finish the week.


Mariners at Angels (May 21 7:05pm, May 22 4:05pm)

On Tuesday, Aaron Harang will face the Angels and it has not exactly been a great season for the thirty-five year old veteran. Harang, who was traded from the Rockies in early April, has just one win and an opponent batting average above .290 and an ERA well over seven. Harang has not been what the Mariners have needed, but hey, they've had others pick up the slack. On Wednesday night, Brandon Maurer will take the hill for the M's and he has been in the same boat as Harang; however, he is thirteen years younger than the veteran. Maybe one of these two will allow Josh Hamilton to connect on a first pitch home run? One can only hope! So clearly the opportunity for the Angels to win these two games is very important.

The Mariners hitting won't blow you away but when everyone is doing "okay," that is just fine. Kyle Seager leads the team with a .272 batting average and he additionally leads with twenty-one runs batted in. Michael Morse, who started the season with an explosion of home runs, has cooled off significantly since coming back from the disabled list (yet I keep him on my fantasy team). The Angels do not need to watch out for a single player. Instead, as redundant as it sounds, they need to focus on the Mariners as a whole.

Projected Starting Pitchers -- Harang/Williams, Maurer/Wilson

Angels at Royals (May 23 5:10pm, May 24 5:10pm, May 25 11:10am, May 26 11:10am)

At the time of this writing, the Kansas City Royals are a flat 20-20, good enough for third place in the American League Central. The Angels were handed two losses by the Royals last week and the Halos were outscored by seven runs. The Royals have had great contributions from Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, and Lorenzo Crain who have really jolted their offense with life. The Royals pitching has had strong arms in Ervin Santana, Jeremy Guthrie, and James Shields. Luckily, the Angels will get to face Ervin Santana this time around.

Projected Starting Pitchers -- TBD/Santana, TBD/TBD, TBD/TBD, TBD/TBD