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Angels Postgame: 6-2 win

Jason Vargas took the hill for the Angels and went the distance in a game where they allowed just five hits and two runs.

Lisa Blumenfeld


The Angels pitching staff brought their "A" game to the White Sox this afternoon. Jason Vargas was almost lights out and struck out Adam Dunn & Co. six times. After Vargas left the game, Dane De La Rosa and Scott Downs followed. To finish out the game, Ernesto Frieri earned his ninth save of the season. The pitching staff remained strong -- five hits, two runs, and seven strikeouts; however, they did deal a total of seven walks (three of which came from Frieri).

As for the bats, Howie Kendrick and Erick Aybar led the way with a combined five runs batted in. Josh Hamilton earned himself a base hit while Albert Pujols and Mike Trout did not.

Now go enjoy the rest of your Sunday before Monday rolls around. Luckily, the week won't start with a Joe Blanton start. Woo!