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Stadium Emptying For Another Angels Loss

And everyone there felt like a sucker when BUTTERCUP came on in the seventh inning...

Jeff Gross

Final Score in Anaheim: Orioles 5, Angels 1


Angels starting pitcher Joe Blanton will sing to his pillow tonight something like this "Why do you build me up just to let me down?"

Blanton pitched the best game of his short Angels career but saw his teammates offer no offense to speak of. As he wakes himself from a snore he might drift off thinking of signing with any other club, mumbling lyrically "...all for the prestige and the glory another human interest story."

The Angels were mesmerized by some Baltimore pitcher. I almost fell asleep watching the dull dribblers and lightweight fly outs that I am not even going to bother to look up the cat's name.

Josh Hamilton was 1 for 4 and when he came to the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning he was batting .217 for the season, which is his weight. For a moment there you could not yell at him "AT LEAST BAT YOUR WEIGHT" forgetting that he was signed to bat Bartolo Colon's weight.

Ryan Brasier made his major league debut in relief of Blanton's first quality start in Anaheim. Brasier was the last healthy pitcher on the angels 40-Man roster who had yet to pitch in a game for the big club. This might be the only time that has happened in baseball history. If it has happened before I can guarantee you that it never happened in front of an announced crowd of 26,000 and it won't happen again as the crowds are shrinking quicker than the ball dribbling out of Mike Trout's glove bounced over the Angels outfield fence.

Mike Trout has regressed really fast. Ehhhh, why go on, they played flat, it ended in a predictable fashion. They tried to make excuses for his unforgivably stupid non-slide at home in the first inning (was the teammate on-deck supposed to direct his slide) but there is no excuse (and Tim Salmon said so), Trout's game is off, eh is already tired and it is only May. Shades (and odor) of selfish Jim Edmonds.

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